Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall Fashion Trends 2011!

Hey guys!  So school is right around the corner.  Which means its time for fall clothes shopping!  So today this post is on the hottest trends of Fall 2011!  From colored pants to camo print these new trends are very unique!

Trend 1: Colored Pants
Believe it or not colored pants are a huge trend this year!  From neon green to a toned down red there is a color for everyone!  You can purchase colored pants basically anywhere.  You can find some really fun hot pink ones here at!  If you are going to wear this trend make sure to pair it with a plain t-shirt so its not so super bright!

Trend 2: Camo Print
Another big trend this year is camo print!  A great way to rock this look is by pairing camo paints with a plain flowy white tank and combat boots or gladiator sandals!  You can find them here at walmart for $10!

miley liam 041810 3 Miley Cyrus in Forever 21 Camo Print Pants

Trend 3: Polka Dots!
The last big trend is polka dots!  Polka dots are one of the easiest thing to wear!  You can wear them as accessory's or as pants!  My personal favorite is wearing a tight polka dot skirt with a plain colored crop top.  You can get a really cute skirt here at Forever 21!

I hope you guys got some ideas for your back to school wardrobe!  What are some of your favorite Fall fashion trends?  Let me know in the comments below!  I hope you guys have a great day and I will talk to you tomorrow!

P.S. Do you guys like this kind of post?

-Carly <3

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